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After a trip to Italy we came back to our home in San Diego inspired by the culture and lifestyle of Italy and were passionate about somehow weaving it into our daily life. We witnessed little Piaggio Apes whipping around the cobble stone streets and their charm, cuteness and an uncanny utility made them a must-have.

Thus began the importing process and design build out. Our mobile bar is completely removable as to not damage the original little work truck while also keeping its integrity- from 1966 she’s been flawlessly restored and still runs! The name derives from her Italian background- ape means bee and naturally we had to mix some booze in there. From the honeycomb back-splash to hand poured concrete counter top, no detail went unnoticed when building our little tap truck. Dedicated to design and service our purpose was to bring special and memorable events to San Diego. We can’t wait to help you celebrate!

-Heather & Brock

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